About us

The West 4 Gym management team Sam Stone and Paul Lovelace took over West 4 Gym on 1st January 2016. Sam had been the Manager for 15 years prior to taking over. Paul was originally a member and then joined as a Personal Trainer. Both are West London born and bred, with Sam originally from Kew and Paul from Chiswick.

Sam and Paul have both seen the area change a lot during the last few years, but have an onging commitment to creating a unique space for their members - the 300 Spartans. “The 300 Spartans captures the spirit of the club - with a personal service that enables each individual to meet their needs with a collective friendly environment”.

Sam and Paul have added a Treatment Room, put in new lighting, and installed new cardio equipment. The Treatment Room has been a success, hosting a range of Independent Therapists providing Osteopathy, rehabilitation and Sports Massage.

For those occasions where two heads are greater than one we have an excellent group of Personal Trainers.

We run a number of High Intensity Interval Training classes - in Paul's words “If you want to get fit fast - this is the way to go”.