Personal Trainers

There are some occasions in life where two heads are better than one.

Booking A Personal Training Session

Please contact your chosen Personal Trainer directly to discuss pricing and availability. Contact details are provided on individual profile pages.

Ahlam Al-Fadhli

A highly motivated fitness instructor who is in love with all things related to exercise, healthy lifestyle and self improvement.

Gareth Brooke

My focus is on helping you to get the body you want. Creating a fitness programme that is tailored to the exact needs of my clients is, in part, what has helped me to win two National Fitness Awards.

Rosangela Harris

Brought up in Brazil, I have a passion for fitness, exercise and keeping in shape. I started as a PT instructor in Rio before moving to London in 2008, where I qualified with Premier Fitness.

Anny Hooker

My speciality is Pilates and core strength, however I'm trained in many different areas of fitness as well. My passion as a Personal Trainer is challenging you to achieve your goals by focusing on effective technique, motivation and fun - helping you to stay fit, be strong and feel fabulous!

Joseph Ward

I believe Health and fitness is for everyone. I developed my passion for fitness whilst enlisted in the Army, and my goal is to share that passion with people interested in improving their health. I fully believe training should be fun, effective and safe; incorporating all aspects of health-related fitness, tailored to your goals and preferences. 

Christopher Ward

I studied to be a Personal trainer after having fallen in love with fitness shortly after leaving school. I was able to personally experience the massive boons and benefits both mentally and physically that fitness can give you. And since then, it has been my goal to help others successfully obtain their own fitness targets and get them where they want to be.